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Visual Studio Code for Java Developers

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As a developer, I have used an Eclipse as an IDE tool, and later I started to use IntelliJ IDEA, but last year I caught myself thinking that IntelliJ IDEA became slow and heavy. It’s a reason why I decided to try to use Visual Studio Code as a primary IDE for Java/Kotlin Development.


Sure, we have to install Visual Studio Code, and after we need to install list of Extensions.

These extensions provides the minimum needed tools to be able develop using Java or Kotlin.

Spring Framework Support

Using IntelliJ IDEA we know that it’s a powerful tool for Java developers using Spring Framework. Let’s add the following extension pack to be able to support Spring in VS Code.

That’s it! Now you can easy develop Spring Boot Applications. Using that extension you can easier to control the Beans, Endpoint Mappings, and Services that are running.

Useful Extensions

Also, I am using these extensions which provide the development process more comfortable.

  • Remote - WSL

    In case, if you are using Windows WSL2 you could use workspace through Remote WSL and be able to control WSL2 file system.

  • Git Graph

    View a Git Graph of your repository, and easily perform Git actions from the graph.

    Git Graph Extension

  • YAML

    Provides comprehensive YAML Language support with built-in Kubernetes syntax support.

If you are using a few PC in the office and at home for instance I recommend enabling Settings Sync. It helps to synchronize all of the installed extensions between your workstations and you do not need to repeat that installation guide on each PC you are working on.

Settings Sync ON

The screenshot below demonstrates the theme which I'm using which is called GitHub Theme.

Settings Sync ON

p.s. I will update this post from time to time if I will find new useful extensions for Java developers.


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