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Nice looking Terminal for any OS


Usually, I’m using different operations systems. At home, I’m using Windows as a personal PC, macOS as a primary machine for work, and Ubuntu as a dedicated servers where I am hosting my own pet-projects.

At the end of that short guide, you will have this nice-looking Terminal

Spaceship Terminal


As I said we could use any OS but in case we are using Windows we have to install WSL2. And how to install WSL2 you could see here.

For now we have WSL2 or simple Terminal for macOS or Ubuntu. The next steps are the same for any of that OS.

Optional! In case you are using Windows and WSL2 I strongly recommend using Windows Terminal from Microsoft Store.

Install Zsh

Zsh is a shell designed for interactive use, although it is also a powerful scripting language.

In case you are using Ubuntu (same for WSL2) just execute the following command:

sudo apt-get install zsh

In case you are using macOS execute that command:

brew install zsh

Install Oh My Zsh

Oh My Zsh is a delightful, open source, community-driven framework for managing your Zsh configuration.

Install this framework you could using the following command:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

After, you will already have a not-bad Terminal with pre-defined configurations by default using Oh My Zsh. But we will move next.

Install Spaceship

I do not love to spend a lot of time on the manual configuration of Oh My Zsh, so I recommend using Spaceship it is a minimalistic, powerful and extremely customizable Zsh prompt.

We will install it under Oh My Zsh using the following commands:

git clone "$ZSH_CUSTOM/themes/spaceship-prompt" --depth=1
ln -s "$ZSH_CUSTOM/themes/spaceship-prompt/spaceship.zsh-theme" "$ZSH_CUSTOM/themes/spaceship.zsh-theme"

Next, open ~/.zshrc and find the line which defines the theme, and set this one:


Restart your terminal or open a new one.

Done! And enjoy!


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